Life at CarMax
When you join our CarMax team, you’re not only helping us redefine an industry, you’re redefining your career. We’ll invest in your success by ensuring a respectful, innovative, and collaborative work environment where you can grow while making a real difference. Our culture is built on doing what is right, and when we treat our people well, we know they’ll show that same care and attention to our customers. By caring about people, whether they are our associates, our customers, or our communities, we all win. 

What sets us apart

Working with us is different. We strive to innovate and challenge expectations, and our whole business is built on integrity, honesty, and transparency. For our associates, that means we’ll treat you with respect and give you all the support you need to succeed, every day. Whatever you do within the business, you’ll work in a friendly, fun atmosphere and be encouraged to share your ideas and perspective. We know you’ll work hard, so we’ll show appreciation for all you do by creating a supportive environment where you can thrive.
Part of the team As soon as you join our team, we’ll do all we can to make you feel at home. As you grow with the company, you’ll get the customized support and resources you need to advance your career. We’re big believers in collaboration and teamwork, because when we work together to make an impact, we get to win together too. Taking part in cross functional teams and brainstorming sessions, you’ll build meaningful relationships with your coworkers and have fun while developing professionally. 
Showing our appreciation We’re here to help you grow both personally and professionally. We strongly believe in putting people first and showing our gratitude for all that you do. As one of our associates, you’ll feel recognized and valued every day. From small moments during the working day when you get a smile and a thank you for helping a colleague, to associate awards programs and a structured benefits program, we’re focused on helping you stay healthy and feeling truly appreciated. 
Giving back Helping others is part of our culture — it’s simply what we do — and you can be a part of it. We encourage our associates to volunteer and give back, and it is their passion and dedication that drives our investments and partnerships. Through associate-driven programs, we show the communities where we live and work that we care. Together we are empowered to make a difference. 
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Internship counting
Grow your career At CarMax, you can shape your career path in ways you never imagined. If you share our values and a drive to do what’s right, you’ll find we’re invested in your future and advocate curiosity and development. With tailored training and mentorships (both formal and informal), we’ll help you discover your passions and pursue your interests. By developing honest relationships with your mentors and peers, you’ll grow from sincere feedback and customized guidance. At CarMax, you never have to feel unsupported or alone, you’re part of a team that cares and constantly encourages you to learn and grow.
Diversity & inclusion The CarMax culture of diversity and inclusion is built on a foundation of integrity and respect, driven by our core values. Our associates live these values, embrace our differences, and challenge perceptions. As a company, we nurture a culture where innovation thrives and our workforce reflects the communities we serve.
Our mentors
Student opportunities  We’re investing in talent to help us redefine the future of car buying. Whether you’re about to graduate college or you’ve just finished trade school, we can help. We have internships and entry-level roles in areas across our business. We partner with a number of trade schools and colleges to recruit for positions such as automotive technicians, business analysts, and technology professionals. We’re committed to providing you with the chance to develop your skills and explore what you’re passionate about as you work in an innovative environment. There’s no better place to build your career than with a company that truly respects the work you do, gives you the tools to succeed, and is eager to welcome you to the team. 
Military proud We proudly hire associates from our nation’s military and invest in community organizations that open doors to meaningful opportunities for you and your family. You’ll discover that we not only value the skills you bring to CarMax, but share the same values of integrity, respect, honesty, and a care for people first. We can support you and your family as you transition from service member to CarMax team member, and provide you with all the training and on-the-job-learning you need to excel. If you need to return to service and take a military leave of absence, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered and will continue to provide you and your family with CarMax benefits for up to five years, significantly longer than most other companies. We’re grateful for the work you do and want you to feel sincerely supported in both your career and community.